Playlist di Corniglia

Playlist di Corniglia (Basic Edition)

La playlist della settimana in libera associazione di idee, suoni e visioni.

Dirty Three – “Sea Above, Sky Below

Corniglia feat. nostalgia. A different view.

The Black Heart Procession – “Broken World

I know that you, you want to get rid of me

Tim Buckley – “Buzzin’ Fly

Now I float away / Like honey in the sun

Fleet Foxes – “Blue Ridge Mountains

Terrible am I child? / Even if you don’t mind / No

Soap&Skin – “The Sun

She dawns, she burns / She grows, she feeds

Patrick Wolf – “Wind in the Wires

It’s just a sigh / just a sigh

Nouvelle Vague – “Dance With Me

Let’s dance little stranger / Show me secret sins